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Past SAC Speakers

Speakers and Topics Discussed at Monthly Meetings

Month/Yr Name Organization Topic
Gordon Rosner Rocketing Into Space
Jim Renn Vatican Observatory Foundation Ambassador The Vatican Observatory and the Big Bang
June Dr. Jennifer Patience School of Earth and Space Exploration Exoplanets
Ted Blank Top 10 Astronomical Discoveries of 2018
Dr. Maitrayee Bose ASU Stardust and Some Organics in Meteorites
Mar Dr. Tom McCarthy GCU Gravity Waves & Cosmic Rays – A Multi-Messenger Look at Space
Feb Dr. Jim Bell ASU The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide: A Futuristic Journey Through the Solar System
Jan Dr. Paul Knauth ASU
Dr. Michael West Lowell Observatory Weaving the Cosmic Web
Oct Dr. Steve Ruff ASU
Mars Science, from Telescope to
Sep-18 Dr. Arjun Dey National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Kitt Peak DESI – Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument being installed on the Mayall 4M telescope
Jul-18 Tyler Richey-Yowell Astrophysics PhD candidate, ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration The Ultraviolet Imperative for Assessing the Super-Habitability of Planets
Jun-18 Kevin Schindler Historian, Lowell Observatory Pluto Telescope restoration and other happenings on Mars Hill
May-18 Dr. Paul Knauth ASU Advanced Observing Techniques
Apr-18 Dr. Tom Mozdzen ASU First Stars and Hydrogen Gas Clouds in the Early Universe
Mar-18 Tom Polakis SAC CCD Photometry and its uses
Feb-18 Professor Wayne Pryor CAC The Cassini Mission and recent results
Jan-18 Dr. Michael Line ASU Exoplanet Atmospheres
Dec-17 SAC Holiday Party
Nov-17 Andy Odell NAU Serendipity in Astronomy
Oct-17 Dr. Rogier Windhorst ASU Status Update: James Webb Space Telescope
Sep-17 SAC Members SAC 2017 Eclipse presentations
Aug-17 SAC Members SAC Various Member Presentations
Jul-17 Dr. Gerald Van Belle Lowell Observatory How modern optical equipment manipulates light & the implications for next-generation telescopes
Jun-17 Dr. Steve Desch ASU Physics of the Space Race
May-17 Dr. Linda Elkins-Tanton ASU Recently selected NASA Psyche Mission
Apr-17 Kay Davis ASU Results from the Antarctic flight of the Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory
Mar-17 PhD Candidate Danielle Adams ASU Two Deserts, One Sky: Arab Observational Astronomy and Star Lore
Feb-17 Kevin LeGore Amateur Focus Astronomy Outreach
Jan-17 Dr. Sean Bryan ASU The Early Universe
Dec-16 SAC Holiday Party
Nov-16 Richard Harshaw Amateur Astronomer Seeing Double Without Booze or Drugs: How Speckle Interferometry Changed my Amateur Direction
Oct-16 Steve Coe SAC Comets Observed Over the Years
Sep-16 Staphanie Sallum UA Imaging Exoplanets Using the Large Binocular Telescope
Aug-16 Phillip Mauskopf ASU The Detection of Gravitational Waves
Jul-16 Tom Polakis SAC Time-Lapse Imaging with 3 Very Different Cameras
Jun-16 Kevin Schindler Lowell Observatory Lowell History & Restoration of 24-inch Clark Telescope
May-16 Nat Butler ASU Recent Progress in the Field of Gamma Ray Bursts
Apr-16 Craig Hardgrove ASU Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper Mission
Mar-16 Evan Scannapieco ASU Hot Haloes Around Elliptical Galaxies
Feb-16 Paul Knauth ASU The Young & Faint Sun
Jan-16 Phil Massey Lowell Observatory The Evolution of Massive Stars: Closing the Loop in the Galaxies of the Local Group
Dec-15 SAC Holiday Party
Nov-15 Bob Bucheim Orange County Astronomers Some Things You Can Do With the Night
Oct-15 Dr. Patrick Young ASU Building Worlds: Astrobiology from a Stellar Perspective
Sep-15 Dennis Zaritsky UA Overview of the History of Dark Matter Research and Recent Work on the “Bullet” Cluster and How it Gives Us More Direct Evidence for Dark Matter
Aug-15 Various Members SAC Member Presentations
Jul-15 Michi Baubock UA My Research Efforts on Neutron Stars
Jul-15 Tom Mozdzen Amateur Astronomer First years of Astrophysics program at ASU plus EDGES (Experiment to Detect the Global Epoch of Reionization Signature) project
Jun-15 Richard Harshaw & Jimmy Ray Amateur Astronomers High-Resolution Speckle Interferometry of Double Stars
May-15 Bill Dellinges EVAC A Personal History of Telescopes
Apr-15 Christopher Groppi ASU Scientific Ballooning in Antarctica (THz astrophysics)
Mar-15 Mark Trueblood Winer Observatory Observatory Projects, emphasizing Near Earth Objects
Feb-15 Alan Dyer SkyNews The Great Southern Skies
Jan-15 Hector Vasquez National Weather Service Climate & Weather Modeling
Dec-14 Matt Luttinen SAC Holiday Party
Nov-14 Ken Graun Amateur Astronomer Tour of the Solar System
Oct-14 Fred Espenak NASA Eclipse Page Writer August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Sep-14 Jeremy Perez Amateur Astronomer Nightscape Photography & Astronomical Sketching
Aug-14 Dr. Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Exoplanet Transit Photometry with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
Jul-14 Dr. David A. Williams ASU 100 Worlds & Counting: Exploring the Moons of the Outer Solar System
Jun-14 Dr. Rolf A. Jansen ASU Why Hot Stellar Populations are Cool
May-14 Henry De Jonge IV GRCO
Sagittarius A*, The Super Massive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
Apr-14 Paul Scowen ASU The Science in Amateur Astronomer Astroimages
Mar-14 Dean Ketelsen Steward Mirror Lab Astro-Tourism in AZ
Feb-14 Bob Denny The Elements of Remote Imaging Success
Jan-14 Stephen Levine Lowell Observatory The Flexible Mirrors of the Discovery Channel Telescope
Dec-13 Matt Luttinen SAC Holiday Party
Nov-13 Mark Robinson ASU Exploring the Moon: Results from the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter Camera
Oct-13 Melissa Morris ASU Meteorites 101
Sep-13 Deidre Hunter Lowell Observatory LITTLE THINGS (Local Irregulars That Trace Luminosity Extremes, The HiNearby Galaxy Survey)
Aug-13 Gilbert Esquerdo Fred Whipple Lawrence Observatory Being an Astronomer & Kepler Project
Jul-13 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jun-13 Dean Ketelsen Steward Mirror Lab What’s Up at the Mirror Lab & Time-Lapse Photography
May-13 Mike Wiles SAC Astrophotography
Apr-13 Paul Knauth ASU Smashed-Up Universe
Mar-13 Paul Lind SAC Construction of Astrograph
Feb-13 Gerard van Belle Lowell Observatory Optical Interferometry
Jan-13 Bruce Koehn Lowell Observatory Amateur Research Initiative (LARI)
Dec-12 Matt Luttinen SAC Holiday Party
Nov-12 Stephen Pyne ASU Voyager Missions
Oct-12 Jeff Hopkins SAC Spectroscopy
Sep-12 Bernard Miller EVAC Astroimaging – part 2
Aug-12 Bernard Miller EVAC Astroimaging – part 1
Jul-12 Wil Grundy Lowell Observatory New Horizons Pluto Mission
Jun-12 Alan Strauss Mt. Lemmon Sky Center Citizen Science & Solar Sketching
May-12 Ray Sanders ASU Be/X-ray Binaries in SMC
Apr-12 Ken Zoll Independent Ancient Arizona Astronomy
Mar-12 Tom McCarthy Meteors, Satellites, Asteroids
Feb-12 Paul Knauth ASU Astrobiology
Jan-12 Jim Bell ASU Mars Rovers
Dec-11 Chris Hanrahan SAC Holiday Party
Nov-11 Nat Butler ASU Gamma Ray Bursts
Oct-11 Tom Polakis SAC Atacama Astronomy
Sep-11 Jeffrey Hall Lowell Observatory Lowell Projects Overview
Aug-11 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jul-11 Bernard Miller EVAC Remote Observatory at Hidalgo Ranch
Jun-11 Luis Martinez Amateur Spectroscopy & Photometry
May-11 Fred Vrba USNO Geosynchronous Satellites
Apr-11 Dean Ketelsen Steward Mirror Lab GMT & LSST Mirrors
Mar-11 Nat White Lowell Observatory Occultation Expeditions & Results
Feb-11 William K. Hartmann Origin of the Moon
Jan-11 Steve Coe SAC Simple Astroimaging
Dec-10 Prause Residence SAC Holiday Party
Nov-10 Gene Lucas SAC The Two Green Planets
Oct-10 Rogier Windhorst ASU HST & James Webb Space Telescope
Sep-10 Frank Timmes ASU Supernovae & White Dwarf Stars
Aug-10 Bob Birket EVAC Astroimaging
Jul-10 Various Members SAC Member Show & Tell
Jun-10 Emilio Falco Whipple Observatory Extrasolar Planets & Mearth
May-10 Chris Luginbuhl USNO Light Pollution
Apr-10 Randy Peterson EVAC Modern Asteroid Occultations
Mar-10 Tom Kaye Amateur Spectrashift Extrasolar Planet Project
Feb-10 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Kepler Mission
Jan-10 Klaus Brasch Amateur Observing in Chile
Dec-09 Trask Residence SAC Holiday Party
Nov-09 Evan Scannapieco ASU
Oct-09 None
Sep-09 Rik Hill & Dolores Hill Catalina Sky Survey Updates on Catalina Sky Survey
Aug-09 Steve Desch ASU Cryovolcanism on Charon
Jul- 09 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jun-09 Howard Israel EVAC Mayan Astronomy
May-09 AJ Crayon SAC Galaxy Classification Schemes
Apr-09 Paul Knauth ASU Astrobiology of the 22nd Century
Mar-09 Jeremy Perez Astronomical Sketching
Feb-09 Dave Salman Remote Telescope Control and Imaging
Jan-09 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory HIPO & SOFIA Updates
Dec-08 Trask Residence SAC Holiday Party
Nov-08 Dan Heim Light Pollution
Oct-08 Steven Aggas EVAC Building and Observing with the 36″ Telescope
Sep-08 Adam Block Mt. Lemmon Public Astronomy Program
Aug-08 Richard Harshaw SAC The Awesome World of Double Stars
Jul- 08 Tom Polakis SAC Rounding the Curb in Webcam Imaging
Jun-08 Brent Archinal The New Reconnaissance of the Moon & Return to the Moon
May-08 Don Wrigley EVAC Observing the Moon
Apr-08 Patrick Woida Phoenix Mars Mission
Mar-08 Frank Zullo The Sky in Stone
Feb-08 Joe Bergeron Amateur Space art
Jan-08 Klaus Brasch Amateur Astroimaging
Dec-07 Jennifer Polakis SAC Christmas Party
Nov-07 Steve Coe SAC Lord Rosse
Oct-07 Philip Pinto Steward Observatory Large Scale Synoptic Survey Telescope
Sep-07 AJ Crayon SAC Open Clusters
Aug-07 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Exoplanet surveys
Jul-07 Brian Gootee ASU Mars geology
Jun-07 None SAC Swap Meet
Jun-07 Jay Holmberg UofA The Boigraphy of a Star
May-07 Phil Christensen ASU Mars: New Views of a Complex Planet
Apr-07 Rik Hill Catalina Sky Survey Things That Go Bump In The Night
Mar-07 David Healy Amateur 32″ JBO Observatory
Feb-07 Jeremy Perez Amateur Astronomical sketching
Jan-07 Steve Coe SAC Nebulae
Dec-06 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-06 Brent Archinal USNO Moon mapping
Oct-06 Jon Christensen Amateur Astroimaging
Sep-06 Ted Bowell Lowell Observatory NEO’s and Pluto naming
Aug-06 Paul Scowen ASU Orion MIDEX mission
Jul-06 Steve Dodder SAC Solar observing
Jun-06 None Swap Meet
May-06 Tom Polakis SAC Sky photography
Apr-06 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Kuiper Express exoplanet mission
Mar-06 David Burstein ASU Chemical composition of globular clusters
Feb-06 Paul Knauth ASU Latest findings on Mars
Jan-06 Paul Lind SAC Earliest history of astrophotography
Dec-05 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-05 Don Machholz Amateur Comet hunting
Oct-05 Bill Ferris Amateur Aperture and contrast
Sep-05 Mike Spooner Amateur Optics and telescope making
Aug-05 Robert McCall McCall Studios Space art career
Jul-05 Wayne Johnson TAAA Supernovae
Jun-05 Joe Orman EVAC Naked eye 100 list
May-05 Brent Archinal USNO Huygens probe
Apr-05 Steve Coe SAC Australia trip
Mar-05 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Minimalist observing
Feb-05 Christopher Watson Amateur SkyGX star atlas
Jan-05 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory SOFIA observatory update
Dec-04 David Fredericksen SAC Christmas party
Nov-04 Jack Newton Amateur ASV
Oct-04 Tom Polakis SAC Namibia Observing
Sep-04 Michael Schwartz/Steve Coe Tenagra Observatory/SAC Supernova discovery
Aug-04 Gene Turner Amateur Telescopes In Education
Jul-04 Doug Snyder/Dave Healy Amateurs Venus transit trips
Jun-04 Bill Hartmann UofA Mars geology
Jun-04 Steve Dodder Amateur Overview of the sun
May-04 George DeLange Amateur Archaeoastronomy
Apr-04 George Coyne Vatican Observatory Dance of the fertile universe
Mar-04 Chuck Wood Amateur Lunar observing
Feb-04 Paul Knauth Amateur Mars geology
Jan-04 Fulvio Melia UofA Black hole at the center of the Milky Way
Dec-03 David Fredericksen SAC Christmas party
Nov-03 Brent Archinal USGS-Flagstaff Mars lander missions
Oct-03 Tom Polakis SAC Planetarium software
Sep-03 Adam Block KPNO Advanced observers program
Aug-03 Herve Dole ? Cosmological surveys
Jul-03 Chris Schur SAC Happy Jack Observatory
Jun-03 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
May-03 Rich Jakiel Amateur Challenging deep-sky objects
Apr-03 Joe Bergeron Amateur Space art
Mar-03 Paul Scowen ASU Wolf-Rayet stars
Feb-03 Doug Snyder Amateur Planetary nebulae
Jan-03 David Burstein ASU Q&A session
Dec-02 AJ Crayon SAC Christmas party
Nov-02 AJ Crayon SAC Astronomical drawings
Oct-02 Dave Healy Amateur Astrophotography bloopers
Sep-02 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Search for habitable planets
Aug-02 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jul-02 Bob Millis Lowell Observatory Kuiper Belt
Jun-02 None Swap meet
May-02 Peter Wehinger Steward Observatory Steward Observatory
Apr-02 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Narrative over Chris Schur’s images
Mar-02 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory SOFIA airborne observatory
Feb-02 Sally Oey Lowell Observatory Galaxy formation
Jan-02 Maggie Turnbull UofA SETI
Dec-01 AJ Crayon SAC Christmas party
Nov-01 Steve Coe SAC All about filters
Oct-01 Paul Scowen ASU Molecular clouds
Sep-01 Tom Polakis SAC Southern sky observing
Aug-01 Laura Wodney Lowell Observatory Comets
Jul-01 Dan McKenna Steward Observatory Seeing and turbulence
Jun-01 John Spencer Lowell Observatory Jupiter’s moons
May-01 AJ Crayon SAC Astronomical drawings
Apr-01 Chris Schur SAC Color CCD astrophotography
Mar-01 Wil Milan SAC VLBI astronomy project
Feb-01 John Casella/Bill Kelly Amateur ATM projects
Jan-01 Vicky Hamilton ASU Mars Global Surveyor
Dec-00 AJ Crayon SAC Christmas party
Nov-00 Chris Schur SAC CCD imaging
Oct-00 Steve Coe SAC Dark nebulae
Sep-00 Rik Hill KPNO Spectrographs and spectroscopes
Aug-00 Marilyn Unruh Amateur Sketching the moon
Jul-00 Amanda Bosh Lowell Observatory Planetary rings
Jun-00 None Swap Meet
May-00 Jeff Hester ASU Origins of stars
Apr-00 David Burstein ASU Current state of cosmology
Mar-00 Wil Milan SAC History of astrophotography
Feb-00 Bob Erdmann SAC NGC/IC Project
Jan-00 Michael Bakich Amateur Constellations
Dec-99 Camelback Arms Christmas party
Nov-99 Steve Coe SAC Simple astrophotography
Oct-99 Derald Nye Amateur August eclipse
Sep-99 Amanda Bosh Lowell Observatory Saturn’s rings
Aug-99 Dean Ketelsen Steward Observatory Steward Mirror Lab
Jul-99 Tom McGrath ASU Binary stars
Jun-99 Chris Schur SAC Digitized Schmidt astrophotography
May-99 Bill Peters Amateur Meteorite hunting
Apr-99 Rik Hill KPNO Solar observing
Mar-99 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Where is the edge in deep-sky observing
Feb-99 Jeff Medkeff Amateur Mars observing
Jan-99 Glen Sanner Amateur Visual observing
Dec-98 Steve and Rosie Dodder SAC Christmas party
Nov-98 Marc Buie Lowell Observatory Pluto
Oct-98 Jason Aufdenberg ASU Star and interstellar medium
Sep-98 Peter Wehinger ASU Large Binocular Telescope
Aug-98 Steve Coe SAC Meteor showers
Jul-98 Stan Celestian JPL Ambassador Galileo mission
Jun-98 None Swap meet
May-98 Tom Polakis SAC Backyard CCD imaging
Apr-98 Paul Comba Amateur Discovering asteroids
Mar-98 Members SAC Show and tell
Feb-98 Derald Nye Amateur Eclipse chasing
Jan-98 Paul Knauth ASU Astrobiology
Dec-97 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-97 Paul Scowen ASU HST observations
Oct-97 Peter Wehinger ASU ASU observatory progress
Sep-97 Warren Kutok Photon Instruments Refurbishing old telescopes
Aug-97 Sheri Cahn EVAC HST observing project
Jul-97 AJ Crayon SAC E400 slides
Jun-97 None Swap meet
May-97 Gerry Rattley SAC ASP slide set: famous astronomers
Apr-97 Members SAC Show and tell
Mar-97 Steve Coe/Chris Schur SAC Comets
Feb-97 Gerry Rattley SAC Supernovae
Jan-97 None None
Dec-96 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-96 Jim Crisman SAC A new look at galaxy morphology
Oct-96 Joason Offenburg ASU Stellar winds and mass loss in stars
Sep-96 David Burstein ASU Cosomology: H-R diagram for galaxies
Aug-96 Dan Matlaga ASU planetarium Astronomical asterisks
Jul-96 Ed Vega/Max Bray Amateur Vega-Bray Observatory
Jun-96 None Swap meet
May-96 John Spencer Lowell Observatory The great comet crash
Apr-96 Peter Wehinger ASU Comets: the three H’s
Mar-96 Kim Poor Novaspace Space art
Feb-96 Chris Schur SAC Astrophotography
Jan-96 Jeff Hester ASU HST view of M16 and other nebulae
Dec-95 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-95 Jim Rice/Ken Edgett ASU Mars Planned Missions
Oct-95 Amanda Bosh Lowell Observatory Saturn’s disappearing rings
Sep-95 Steve Coe SAC Eyepieces
Aug-95 Members SAC Show and tell
Jul-95 Randall Whitlock ASU How to spot a meteorite
Jun-95 Peter Wehinger ASU ASU telescope for students
May-95 Pete Manly SAC Airborne astronomy
Apr-95 Gene Lucas SAC The eye in astronomy
Mar-95 Ralph Aeschliman USGS-Flagstaff Planetary mapping
Feb-95 Dan Matlaga ASU planetarium 40,000 years of mythology
Jan-95 Kim Poor Novaspace Space art
Dec-94 Leroy Paller SAC Christmas party
Nov-94 Pierre Schwaar/Paul Lind SAC Eclipse trip to Peru
Oct-94 Jeff Hester ASU HST: recent improvements
Sep-94 Jim Scotti KPNO Spacewatch program
Aug-94 Steve Mutz ASU Images of faint galaxies from HST
Jul-94 Jeff Hopkins SAC Astrology and astronomy
Jun-94 Members SAC Show and tell
May-94 David Jacobs/Ben Mixon ASU/SW Museum Archeoastronomy
Apr-94 Paul Comba Amateur Asteroid discovery
Mar-94 Rick Blakely Amateur Evaluating telescopes
Feb-94 Henry Vanderbilt ? Space Access Society
Jan-94 Tom Polakis SAC Chile observing
Dec-93 Leroy Paller SAC Christmas party
Nov-93 None None
Oct-93 None None
Sep-93 Steve Coe SAC Humanity discovers island universes
Aug-93 Frank Zullo Amateur Astrophotography
Jul-93 Chris Schur SAC Darkroom procedures for astrophotography
Jun-93 David Levy Amateur Breakup of Shoemaker-Levy 9
May-93 Members SAC Show and tell
Apr-93 David Burstein ASU Dark matter and the fate of the universe
Mar-93 David Crawford IDA Light pollution and how to fight it
Feb-93 Phil Christensen ASU Mars Observerver
Jan-93 Leon Knott Amateur Telescope making
Dec-92 Paul Lind SAC Christmas party
Nov-92 None Swap meet
Oct-92 Members SAC Piggyback astrophotography
Sep-92 Jeff Hester ASU HST experiences
Aug-92 Rick Rotramel SAC UofA mirror lab
Jul-92 Gerry Rattley SAC Planetary nebulae
Jun-92 David Levy Amateur Art of finding comets
May-92 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Starspots and tomorrow’s weather
Apr-92 Derald Nye Amateur Past eclipse results
Mar-92 None None
Feb-92 Stan Student SAC Backyard observatory in Scottsdale
Jan-92 Chris Schur SAC Astrophotography with SBIG autoguider
Dec-91 Paul Lind SAC Christmas party
Nov-91 None Swap meet
Oct-91 Steve Coe SAC History of astrophotography
Sep-91 Jack Larmer ASU Planetary formation in the Solar System
Aug-91 Members SAC Baja solar eclipse
Jul-91 Rick Rotramel/Jeff Charles SAC Mazatlan total eclipse report
Jun-91 Members SAC Eclipse preparation
May-91 Kurt Zebatel ASU Tunguska movie
Apr-91 David Burstein ASU Cosmology
Mar-91 Pera Annestad ASU Gases and dust between the stars
Feb-91 Paul Knauth ASU Malin Slides and ESO
Jan-91 Pete Burggraaf SAC Harquahala Observatory
Dec-90 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-90 Steve Coe SAC Serendipity in astronomy
Oct-90 Pierre Schwaar SAC Video of moon and planets
Sep-90 Peter Wehinger ASU Mt Graham Observatory
Aug-90 5 from SAC SAC Australia trip
Jul-90 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Chile observing
Jun-90 David Levy Amateur Comet, nova, comet
May-90 Neville Woolf UofA Planned telescopes/Mt. Graham
Apr-90 Tom Polakis/Pierre Schwaar SAC Five years in SAC/Video
Mar-90 Robert Fried Braeside Observatory Photometry
Feb-90 George Coyne Vatican Observatory Birth of stars and galaxies
Jan-90 Ken Ziegler Amateur High school astronomical consortium
Dec-89 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-89 AJ Crayon SAC Drawing astronomical objects
Oct-89 Dan Brocious SAO/MMT MMT
Sep-89 Randy Whitlock ASU Meteorite study
Aug-89 Ted Bowell Lowell Observatory Asteroid research
Jul-89 Pete Manly SAC Bright sky astronomy
Jun-89 David Levy Amateur Comet hunting, variable stars
May-89 Carolyn Collins Peterson U. of Colorado Planetary science and comets
Apr-89 Arthur Hoag Lowell Observatory Simple experiments
Mar-89 Linda Striker ASU? Cosmology/galaxy collisions
Feb-89 Chris Schur SAC Astro films
Jan-89 David Crawford SAC IDA
Dec-88 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-88 Steve Coe SAC History of the NGC
Oct-88 Jeff Charles SAC Mt. Kobau Star Party in Canada
Sep-88 Pierre Schwaar SAC Close approach of Mars
Aug-88 Rik Hill KPNO Amateur solar work
Jul-88 7 from SAC SAC Australia trip
Jun-88 Members SAC Show and Tell
May-88 Merle Parmer DeVry Institute JPL and the Galileo Project
Apr-88 Members SAC Show and Tell
Mar-88 Clyde Tombaugh Lowell Observatory Discovery of Pluto (at Brophy Prep.)
Feb-88 Pete Manly SAC Weird telescopes
Jan-88 Carleton Moore ASU Moon rocks
Dec-87 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-87 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Atmospheric haloes and rainbows
Oct-87 Anne Cowley ASU Astronomy in China
Sep-87 Ken Ziegler Amateur High school astronomy program
Aug-87 Paul Tierney Amateur Australian amateur astronomy
Jul-87 Jim Scotti Steward Observatory Faint comet recovery
Jun-87 David Levy Amateur History of comet discoveries
May-87 Ed Phillips KTAR radio Phx weather and Australia trip
Apr-87 Steve Coe SAC Lord Rosse’s career
Mar-87 Members SAC Show and Tell
Feb-87 Peter Wehinger ASU Comet Halley results
Jan-87 Pete Manly SAC Planetary ring formation
Dec-86 Reata Pass Steakhouse Christmas party
Nov-86 David Burstein ASU Cosmology
Oct-86 Members SAC Q&A panel discussion
Sep-86 Curt Taylor SAC Visual sensitivity and observing techniques
Aug-86 Carleton Moore ASU Meteorite study
Jul-86 Ure Corsenty ASU? Formation of the Solar System
Jun-86 Pete Manly SAC Radio astronomy/VLA
May-86 Coe/Fredericksen/Schur SAC Australia trip
Apr-86 Jeff Charles SAC Eclipses
Mar-86 Gerry Rattley SAC Lunar grazing occultation timing
Feb-86 Steve Coe SAC His 18″ f/6 Dobsonian
Jan-86 Kathy Terry ASU Impact of Comet Halley on people
Dec-85 Pinnacle Peak Patio Christmas party
Nov-85 None None
Oct-85 Russell Genet Amateur Automatic photoelectric telescopes
Sep-85 None Swap meet
Aug-85 Paul Knauth ASU Climactic History of Earth
Jul-85 Gerry Rattley SAC Orbits of visual binary stars
Jun-85 Chris Schur/Steve Coe SAC Comets
May-85 Paul Schmidtke ASU Epslion Aurigae
Apr-85 Bil Romonshin ASU Gases in galaxy clusters
Mar-85 David Levy Amateur Observing in shadow of Kitt Peak
Feb-85 Dave Schleicher ASU Solar System history/recent discovery
Jan-85 Susan Wyckoff ASU QSO’s, also Comet Halley
Dec-84 Betty Gardner Christmas party
Nov-84 G. Harry Stein ? The development of space
Oct-84 Frank Bronwell ? FAR telescope in Tasmania
Sep-84 Robert Millis Lowell Observatory Asteroid occultations
Aug-84 Mark Wagner ASU SS433
Jul-84 Steve Coe SAC Planetary nebulae
Jun-84 Ken Ziegler Amateur Asteroid photometry
May-84 Kim Poor Novaspace Space art
Apr-84 Dan Brocious MMT World’s largest telescopes
Mar-84 Members SAC Show and Tell
Feb-84 Anne Cowley ASU LMC X-1: A Black Hole?
Jan-84 Peter Wehinger ASU Comet Halley – amateur work
Dec-83 Scottsdale Hilton Christmas party
Nov-83 Brad Whitmore ASU Gyroscope galaxies
Oct-83 Ron Greeley ASU Solar System spacecraft exploration
Sep-83 Steve Coe SAC Piggyback Astrophotography
Aug-83 Gerry Rattley SAC The Java Eclipse
Jul-83 Delores Hill KPNO Meteorite study
Jun-83 Wally Brown SAC Sketching planets
May-83 Members SAC Show and Tell
Apr-83 Clyde Tombaugh Lowell Observatory Search for Planet X
Mar-83 John Winters Glendale Comm. Coll. Variable star observing
Feb-83 Rik Hill KPNO Amateur solar observations
Jan-83 Members SAC Show and Tell
Dec-82 Pinnacle Peak Patio SAC Christmas Party
Nov-82 Scott Stiers SAC William Herschel
Oct-82 Desmond Welch USAF Shuttle Launches and Landings
Sep-82 Ron Evans NASA Apollo 17 Command Module / Shuttle
Aug-82 Curt Taylor SAC Gas Giants
Jul-82 Pete Manly SAC Observatories
May-82 Mike Flinsch SAC Comets and Meteorites
Apr-82 Mike Marron SAC Earth Shattering Evolution
Mar-82 Dave Fredericksen SAC Scopes and Mounts
Feb-82 Wally Brown SAC Stars
Jan-82 John Gerometta SAC Observing Double Stars
Dec-81 SAC Christmas Party
Sep-81 Dave Fredericksen SAC Constructing a Dobsonian
Jun-81 John Gerometta SAC Observing Double Stars
May-81 Pete Manly SAC Solar Eclipses
Mar-81 Members SAC Telescope Fair
Feb-81 Wally Brown SAC Messier Marathon
Jan-81 Fred Tretta SAC Telescope Mountings
Sep-80 SAC Science Fiction Films
Sep-79 Dave Matlaga ASU Mark Twain and Astronomy
Feb-79 Members SAC Running Astronomy Programs on GCC Computers