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Observing Sites

While we do use the following sites for club-sanctioned star parties, we have some recommendations regarding their use at other times:

1) We discourage observing at these sites alone. We recommend visiting these sites only if accompanied by others, preferably with a second vehicle.

2) We strongly advise having some means of contacting emergency services if the need arises. Cell phones are a must.

3) We strongly discourage anyone intervening with any activity that appears to be illegal. Don’t be a hero, call the appropriate agency.

4) ALWAYS let others know exactly where you are going to be, and when you expect to return. Stick to the plan or communicate any changes.

Astronomy is supposed to be fun. Follow these guidelines, and enjoy the night sky!

Hovatter Road (Antennas) Observing Site PDF Handout

Hovatter Road Airstrip (Salome Emergency Airstrip) Maps & Directions

Fredericksen Meadow Maps & Directions

Stoneman Lake Map & Directions