Monthly Star Parties

  SAC has monthly star parties on Saturdays nearest to New Moon. These are informal gatherings that offer a great opportunity to learn about the hobby and exchange views. Before heading out, it is a good idea to send a notice out to the AZ-Observing mailing list.

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Star parties are held at a desert site west of Phoenix during the cooler months, or a higher site north of Phoenix during Summer. Plan on a drive of roughly 1 ½ hours for either site, and try to arrive before sunset.
Directions to these sites are provided here.

Attendance at SAC star parties is predicated on your acknowledgement and acceptance of the liability disclaimer detailed at the bottom of this page.

The star parties are held on the Saturday evening near the New Moon of each month.

Star Party Liability Disclaimer

Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC) is not responsible for the property or liability of any star party participant, nor will the club be held liable for their actions or possessions. SAC is not responsible for any vehicular damage, theft, or mechanical difficulties that may occur while attending a star party.

SAC strongly recommends adherence to the doctrine of 'safety in numbers' when it comes to remote observing sites. In the interest of safety it is recommended that you don't go to remote sites alone and that someone knows where you have gone each time you go out observing.

*Neither club has a unique link to directions to the site, and EVAC does not have a stand-alone All-AZ star party page. There are directions at