The Messier Marathon Site

This is a REMOTE site. Please plan accordingly. The nearest restaurant is in Casa Grande, a 40 mile, 45 minute drive. Bring you own food & beverages (no alcohol please) and any other supplies you may need to get you through the night.

There will be a Port-O-John set up in the middle of the field for your convenience.

The site is open desert; Keep in mind dust can be a problem. Protect your equipment when not in use.

Bring proper dress. Although this is Arizona, the desert gets cold at night. Expect temperatures to drop into the low 40’s by midnight. Remember, it is best to dress in layers, adding as the temperature drops.

The site will be available on Friday night, for those who wish to get in an extra night’s observing. (Bill Ferris of Flagstaff got 110 objects on Friday as well as Saturday at the 2002 Marathon)

For those of you with computerized telescopes or who are just curious about these things the site’s coordinates are:
N 32 deg 27 min 45.2 sec, W 111 deg 43 min 53.2 sec, EL: 1800 ft (548.6 m)