Messier Marathon
Getting There

The site is 80 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 86 Miles from Tucson Intl Airport

The nearest town of any size is Casa Grande; this is your best bet to look for local accommodations. (See AZ City Motels).
SAC makes no recommendations on the quality or availability of accommodations. You need to make your own reservations.

Allow at least 2 hours to get to the site from either airport. The road leading to the site is dirt, although it is well maintained, you really don’t want to go faster than 30 mph.

If you think you’ll need help getting to the site, contact one of the coordinators prior to your arrival in Arizona. They will be happy to help you. You may be able to set up a convoy to help you get to the site.

If you’re planning to leave during the Marathon, please set up near the entrance to the site. Observe star party etiquette and alert people to your imminent departure.

If you plan on taking astro-photo’s set up at the rear of the site past the main observing area. This will help insure any stray lights don’t disturb you.

Please remember this is private property. We are here at the invitation of the landowner. Please respect his property. If you bring it in, bring it out.